G allery Update November 11 , 2014

It has been a while since I posted, So I decided to update my Illustration Gallery.

Click on Illustration section to view.

B art van der Lee - A Mothers Song August 19 , 2013
  Today we released the new official video for Bart van der Lee's first single from his upcomming album 'Ballads for the Heathens or Dying'.
The video for 'A Mothers Song' was made by Nick Liefhebber (www.liefhebber.biz), and myself.

If you would like to pre order the album which will be released on September 6, please click here

The album also features artwork I made, will post that soon aswell.

visit Bart's website for more news: www.bartvanderlee.com

B ringYourOwn Beamer Animation December 24, 2012
  I Just finished editing my latest animation 'Bring Your Own Beamer'. I am very thankfull to Arts the Beatdoctor for letting me use his track 'Ghost in the Machine'. Enjoy!

Watch the animation on youtube here

Like the music by Art the Beatdoctor? visit his website: www.artsthebeatdoctor.com


N ews Update! December 17 , 2012

Just a little post to thank everyone who attended 'Bring Your Own Beamer' last Friday. I had a great time and I hope you did too. The animation itself will be uploaded somewhere this week. I'm currently looking for so music and some re-editting will be done. So keep an eye out for it.

I would also like to say I'm working on a new albumcover and animation for Bart van der Lee's (www.bartvanderlee.com) new album! The artwork will be in collabaration with the great Nick Liefhebber (www.liefhebber.biz) We are currently trying to fund it through a Dutch crowdfunding-website, voordekunst.nl. Any help (financially) would be very much appreciated! Here's a little video promoting this project.

Supporting this project can be done here

B ringYourOwnBeamer December 4 , 2012

Just a little update to let you all know that there's going to be a exhibition/party next week, December 14th, at which I will be taking part. It's Called Bring Your Own Beamer. Feel free to drop by! Here's a little sneak peek of the animation that will be shown there:


For more information (time, location etc.) click here

S hopWithYourFriends Animation November 24 , 2011

The people behind the website ShopWithYourFriends asked me to make an Animation to promote their website. It came out pretty sweet, if I may say so myself:

Or watch the animation on Youtube here

1 0.000 Eyes November 24 , 2011

I made some illustrations for the project '10.000 Eyes' in Rotterdam.
For more information an illustrations, check out their website www.10000eyes.nl

Thanks to 'de Ruimte ontwerpers'

P edes in Orbis November 24 , 2011

Last summer I finished a project together with Fashion student Pablo Londono Sarria, who graduated at the Rietveld Acadamy Amsterdam. We collaborated on his graduating project 'Pedis in Orbis' for wich I made a visual story by the same name. It was also featured in the graduating edition of Dutch design magazine 'Items'. Check out some pictures!

Contact me by email if you would like to buy a copy (be quick though, I have a limited amount of them left)


I llustration gallery updated September 16 , 2011

I,ve updated the gallery in the Illustration section.
Click on Illustration section to view.

E xpose the Underworld. July 11, 2011

The People of Idism Concepts asked me (and a couple of other artists) to make visuals for their monthly party "Expose" at the Minibar, Amsterdam. The party took place at April 3rd, 2011.
Check out
the result below.

Thanks to Nick Liefhebber ( www.liefhebber.biz )
Music by Dennis Martina (thanks Dennis!)

O verDwars #1 2011 July 9, 2011

Time for an update! (more updates will follow very soon)

Here's an illustration I made for OverDWARS Issue 1 of 2011.

(Thanks to Marleen van den End & Carlien Peijsel)

OverDWARS is a political & Cultural Magazine by DWARS, the independent youth organisation of GroenLinks.

C eci n'est pas. - SLASH/ART November 12 , 2010
  The website www.slashart.nl started an online protest:

"As you know, our new government has cut back heavily on the budget for the arts in the Netherlands. While the budget for art and culture in the Netherlands is one of the lowest in Europe, our new government of VVD, CDA with the support of PVV, have decided to cut art subsidies by almost 50%. Art is being slashed in half!

This is why we ask everyone to make a piece of work that shows what happens when you cut art in half. With this collection slashart.nl will function as an image bank for the protest against these outrageous cuts."

My contribution for this protest:

"Ceci n'est pas."

For more works and information please visit the SLASH/ART website here: www.slashart.nl

Slash/art is an initiative of:
Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, Kunsten '92 & De Appel Arts Centre


P oppel DVD album design June 25, 2010

I recently worked with the talented Dutch photographer/ documentairemaker Jepke Versnel. I designed the DVD cover and booklet for her documentary 'Poppel' .

To see the entire film, please visit the exposition at the HKU.
Here's the trailer of 'Poppel' (Dutch):

Interested in buying the DVD? For information check out
Jepke's website here: www.jepkeversnel.nl
Or you can still visit the exposition at the Utrecht school of Fine Art.
(for location and opening hours: www.hku.nl

P atches of Blue Album April 16 , 2010
  Earlier this week the CD releaseparty of Marike van Dijk's debut album 'Pathes of Blue' took place. It was a beautifull evening with nice people and great music. I made the artwork for the album wich looks like this:

Interested in buying the album? For information check out
Marike's website here: www.marikevandijk.com

O verDWARS March 23, 2010
  Yesterday I recieved two copies of 'OverDWARS' # 1 of 2010 in my mailbox (the real one, not the digital one).
Why I am posting this? Because it features an Illustration I made:

(Thanks to Marleen van den End & Marjolein Rutgers)

OverDWARS is a political & Cultural Magazine by DWARS, the independent youth organisation of GroenLinks.
P atches of Blue March 18, 2010
  Last news post today, I promise.

The last couple of weeks I have been working on the artwork for Marike van Dijk's debut album 'Patches of Blue'.
Marike is a Jazz saxaphonist/ composer from Utrecht and I think the album turned out really cool. Like to make you're own opinion?
The release party is April 13 at the Comedytheater, Amsterdam.
Its only 10,- E to get in, and you get the album for free! Cha-ching!
(more info on picture above)

"Marike Van Dijk has recorded lyrical and compelling tunes on her first outing.
She plays with determination and a beautiful sound on all her horns.
This music has a nice feel and shape to it. Well worth the listen!"

Bob Mintzer.

3 VOOR12 Utrecht March 18, 2010
  Singer -songwriter Bart van der Lee was interviewed for
'3VOOR12 Utrecht'.
Read the interview here.(Dutch)

He will also be playing at 'Club 3VOOR12 Utrecht' thursday 25 March at studio dB's, Utrecht.
The musicvideo 'Runaway' will be shown there on a big screen, so be there. Its free! (reservation is needed though)

more info
W ebsite Update! March 18, 2010
  I decided I really needed to update my website, so here you go!
keep an eye out, a lot more news will be added!
O neHugeeye.com Review on 'Runaway' March 2, 2010
  The kind people of UK animation community website Onehugeeye.com wrote a little review on their website for Runaway.

Read it here: www.onehugeeye.com/runaway

B art van der Lee - 'Runaway' animation Februari 20, 2010
  Wow! It has been, and still is quite a busy period for me, but I have some good news. Yesterday we had the premiere of the new videoclip "Runaway" for Dutch singer/songwriter Bart van der Lee which I animated. It was a beautiful evening, and I would Like to thank everyone that came.

For everyone who missed it I have uploaded the video:

(or watch it on youtube)

Also don't forget to visit his website: www.bartvanderlee.com

R esults are in! November 23, 2009
  The results for the Boomerang staples competition are in! I won a Flip Video! Thanks Boomerang.
B oomerang Staples November 11 , 2009

I recently participated in the Boomerang - Staples competition for wich I made a short Animation. Curious? Good! You can watch it at their website here.

K lik! report September 28 , 2009
  Watch a small report of the last day of The Klik! Animation Festival Including the Boomerang Award.

R ock My World wins a price! September 21 , 2009
  Yesterday the finale took place of the "Boomerang Sendable Short Awards" during the Klik! Animation Festival. And I'm happy & honoured to say I won!
"Rock My world" was chosen out of the 8 finalists in the competition.
Thanks Klik! & Boomerang!

Read more about it (or just look at the fotos) on the Boomerang site here (Dutch).